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حلول تسويقية تساعدك على مضاعفة فرصك التجارية

جمال، إبداع ومرونة

Beauty, creativity and resilience

Marketing Solutions that help maximize business opportunities


Nexa Technology

Nexa Information Technology provides digital solutions that help you provide full service digital marketing. Nexa Information Technology provides integrated and professional solutions and businesses for digital marketing via the Internet designed to help customers grow through innovation and creativity, whether it is designing Online stores and social communication, designing web pages, managing stores and social networks, Nexa delivers a qualitative move with well-thought-out plans to upgrade projects And traditional stores to online store platforms with all solutions that keep pace with our digital transforming world

Keyboard and Mouse


Full study of Your business project


Managing advertising campaigns


Establishing online store and mobile applications with all services..as well as the official web pages


Professionally designed for Online stores and Social Media Accounts  Visual identity and logo


Manage your Online stores



Services Details 


Social media Management

Our strategic services provide complete customized solutions that turn you into the leader in your field. We providing Full manage SM and Online store business.


Sponsored ads

We create a strategy according to your advertising campaign and the general needs of the company, to buy through digital and non-digital channels and to ensure the best results for your advertising campaigns.



Our online marketing strategy is built on obtaining measurable results. We focus on increasing conversions, repeat traffic and building greater brand loyalty online


Design and development of Online store

Our expert e-store developers and strategists use the latest technologies and best practices to create specially designed websites that increase user engagement


Endless services

Nexa offers and provides one of the electronic solutions, including linking all stores with shipping companies, as well as providing payment systems of all kinds, including payment from points of sale or electronic systems of the Monetary Agency


Point Of Sales

The stores have become multiple, including traditional stores, including electronic stores. Nexa keeps pace with aspirations and electronic developments, and it has become possible to design unified points of sale that beautifully combine traditional and electronic stores in one system.


Artistic production

Videos have become the most effective for communicating with brand audiences. It doesn't matter if you have a glimpse or just an idea, our team will help you create engaging and inspiring videos for your brand.


Creative management

As experts in branding, our experts provide your branding vision through creative designs tailored to your unique brand strategy.

We Rise And are Happy to Meet You

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Manage service Team

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Technical Team 

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Design Team

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Marketing Team



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